A Manifesto

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I figure it can’t hurt to reinforce the reason that drove me to do this site in the first place … beyond the basic fact that I’m an opinionated sort who tends towards verbosity …
But in case it’s not clear from what you may have read on the site so far, here’s a direct commentary …

Face it. People suck at moderation.
Okay. Okay. So that’s a rather sweeping generalization to make, but I think it’s pretty safe to say in glancing around the world there’s a rather prevalent sense that everything has to be bigger, faster, and more importantly – mine, mine, mine.
I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid my parents were pretty clear with me regarding that kind of behavior – that whiny, spoiled, entitled nonsense.
They taught me that this behavior is not okay. Period.
Self-esteem? Yes.
Self-centered? No.
Not all one way or all another. Compromise. Balance. Many would agree things in this world are just that – a constant shift between right and left. Up and down. Dark and light. Fat and non-fat. It’s about blending. Finding the right ratio of one to the other … as it pertains to you.
This is where things get dodgy.
If you take the “as it pertains to yourself” part too far … Well, like I said, too much of anything isn’t good for you.
As I also said: People suck at moderation.
If you doubt this, just pick up a paper, read your online news service, listen to the radio (in any of its distribution flavors), even flip around one of the broadcast, cable or satellite TV stations out there.
The media reflects the society about which it speaks – both in content and in how it’s presented. With that being the case, I think it’s safe to say that we may be in some pretty deep cow pucky.
I figure there are plenty of places you can go to hear each player crow of their integrity – and then turn around and backhand the perceived competition upside the head.
If you’re looking for a site like that, you’re in the wrong place.
If you have already decided that this site is for screaming Liberals who may be entertaining but don’t know shit about running the world, you may be cheering that there’s another outlet to further destroy any shreds of credibility the lascivious left may still have.
If you think the Conservatives – ranging from arrogant and mildly annoying to the hellfire and brimstone ranting flavor – are secretly fascist terrorists who only function with their heads jammed up their collective posterior, you may herald the coming of a media outlet with the conviction and cojones to speak out against their wrongdoings.
You’re both wrong.
This isn’t about the right or left. It’s about that sweet spot in the middle. Don’t worry I’m not talking about Utopia here. Variegated cultures, opinions and beliefs will always exist – they should always exist. Whether or not people agree, we know that this is the case.
We also know that we’re stuck sharing this blue marble living space. How about we try to find the middle ground.
Not left.
Not right.
Something Other Than That …


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