Cotton Candy and Pulled Taffy

April 8, 2015 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


The sky above Hydrant Club on a Spring day…

One of the most glorious things about my place of business is laying back in the cool green grass and gazing up to the sky – especially on a day like today when a high, thin layer of clouds is cast like pulled taffy and cotton candy, fitting for the circus atmosphere of Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas.

Taking a break from paperwork and business to recline amongst the canine kids and revel in nature is a delightful treat and on days like today it serves to inspire.

With that …

Amidst the thin veil of white
cast starkly against the
clear blue.
It’s that blue,
an almost
impossible shade,
you only see in the desert
and very
high places.
But I digress…
Tucked in the folds of
taffy pulled clouds
a tiny heart.
It was upside down,
and would have been easy to miss,
but I saw it.
Probably because I was thinking
of you and the upside down
feeling that
I have
right now.
Words say one thing.
Actions say quite another.
And then the words say…
and again the actions speak.
Friends tell me to listen to what speaks
more loudly.
Actions always do.
But I can’t.
My heart is upside down
or at least I thought it was.
The truth is that it’s not.
It’s perfectly clear.
Right sized and side up.
At least until the breeze
blows the taffy into
another shape.


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