Football Isn’t Over: Tackled by Monday

March 30, 2015 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


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I just knew it. I knew that Monday was going to be ornery. Sunday had given me a heads up.

“Look out,” she whispered. “You’ve been super productive this weekend, totally nailed it with some big stuff and consider yourself ready to tackle him with gusto. He’s still smarting from your win last week and so he’s got some stuff planned.”

I didn’t listen.

You know what’s interesting though, despite the whispers of warning (perhaps because of them) when today began to go sideways, something interesting happened. I just rolled with it.

Okay there were a few moments of slight tension but overall, today became an exercise in deep breathing, focusing on the most important item in the foreground and moving slowly … Well, as slowly as someone whose resting state is Mach 3 can be.

There were an array of moments when I began to allow inconsequential items, distractions, irritations to pull my attention. It was as though my subconscious wanted me paying attention elsewhere so that Monday could get the upper hand. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to giving in on a few occasions – sending that message I probably shouldn’t have, refreshing that inbox a few too many times looking for a response and of course the penultimate of distractions – scrolling the Facebook timing allegedly looking to catch some news.

Thankfully I’ve been working on sitting still … well, still enough (see point above) … so that the calm voice of reason could catch my ear.

“Hey, Cathy, remember that warning from Sunday? That was actually me. How about listening this time around? Focus on the tasks at hand. You have plenty. That other stuff? It’ll sort itself out. Just get out of the way and let it.”

Okay … Monday. I bow to your might, and then shuffle off stage left to mind the tasks at hand.

Oh, and heads-up, Tuesday, your ass is mine.


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