Regardless of where you stand, SCOTUS was wrong

January 14, 2010 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)

UPI POY 2009 - Washington DC

There will be some, no doubt, on the far right leaning side of the spectrum who say that the Supreme Court of the United States did the world a service by squashing the opportunity for televising of the Prop 8 trial currently underway in San Francisco.
While I certainly appreciate that everyone is due their opinion, in this case, I must say those people are just wrong.
Whether on the right or left, the need for transparency and openness in matters of great public interest is critical, and this week SCOTUS had the opportunity to do a great service to the people of this nation – the chance not only to help educate and inform people about the way in which our judicial system works but also the chance to shed light on a matter of great importance to our country.
Today’s New York Times ran an Op-Ed on this topic. While those same people who agree with (and even likely influnced) SCOTUS’ decision would disagree (and I certainly admit to understanding the NY Time’s more left-leaning filter), this Op-Ed speaks the truth.
SCOTUS has shown that while the George W. Bush Administration may no longer be camping in the White House, the remnants of that disaster – like the devastation of Katrina – remain and will plague us for some time to come.


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