Sometimes it doesn’t take many words: A Twitter-esque occasion

January 23, 2009 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


On Wednesday morning I hopped into the car with Truman and pointed my way southbound on US-101 headed for Los Angeles.
A couple of hours into the journey, I approached one of those signs heralding my impending entry to a town. The kelly green sign loomed large:

Chualar, CA

Population 1,440. Elevation 110′ (above sea level).
There are more people than that following me on Twitter.
Part of me feels as though that last sentence should be where I end this post, and perhaps it is. (By all means feel free to chime in and comment on that – and anything else for that matter .) The part of me compelled to continue (which of course is the part that oftentimes wins) has one point to make:
In recent weeks it has become abundantly clear I have quite a lot for which to be thankful. Some deeply irksome matters (largely personal in nature) rendered the tail end of ’08 … Well, let’s just say the tail may have wagged the dog a few times. But as that proverbial calendar page flipped and I had to get used to writing a new last digit for the year in my journal, a remarkable shift has taken place. And one reason I’ve been able to muscle through this tectonic exercise, is social media – both the tools/platforms and the people who make and use them.
Okay so maybe that’s more like two reasons. But you get the idea.


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