The power of mentoring: Helping hands for women appying to Y-Combinator for 10/17

October 11, 2008 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (1)


That was a long headline. But it does say it all.
Ycombinator, a technology incubator based in Mountain View and Silicon Valley, is taking applications through Friday, October 17th 10pm PST for its winter 2008 incubator cycle.
The most excellent Susan Mernit has galvanized a small group of us who are interested in seeing if we can help increase the percentage of women accepted this time around.
So … If you are a woman who is planning to apply to ycombinator for this cycle and you’d like to have some mentoring and support before you submit your application from an experienced woman CEO/executive/entrepreneur sort, there’s a posse of dames with moxie who are interested in working with you.
(Yes, I am one of them.)
To get involved with this group and ideally paired with a mentor, send an email with contact information and information about your proposal to; we’ll circulate your information among our team and reach back to you.
If you are mentored, you will receive an hour or more of coaching with a woman exec. who has been through a tech incubator program, has been a tech CEO or co-founder, a tech industry analyst/journalist, is a VC or maybe even some combination of the aforementioned.
I hate to pull the whole “women are just more compassionate leaders” thing, but the truth of the matter is that we’re in dire economic times and those times – more than any other – call for the type of leadership that operates from both the head AND the heart. And I think it’s pretty clear how things are now based on the leadership we’ve had to-date.
Who better to proffer an alternative than an intelligent, aggressive (in the good sort of way), powerful female entrepreneur.
Here’s to helping foster a new generation.


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  1. Congrats Cathy!Sounds like a great project and a lot of fun.