The shortest post I’ve ever written here …

September 2, 2008 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


So the whole idea of this blog thing is that you’re supposed to jot off thoughts – quicksilver ideas that zip through your mind.
Thing is, I’ve always been more of an essayist and tend to wax on more than off when it comes to telling my tales and proffering any punditry (such as it is).
Twitter has gone a long way towards helping me shake up that foundation a bit. The whole concept of spitting out thoughts in 140 characters or less really makes you get to the point.
But when it comes to this particular space, my inclination is to meditate, ruminate and even on occasion marinate a particular thought or idea and then try to make some bigger picture connection.
Not tonight.
And it’s for a simple reason.
I spent a bit more than two hours on the phone with a friend whose very voice on the other end puts a smile on my face and, more importantly, in my heart. The funny thing is that we’ve not been friends all that long, but in a relatively short period have shared some rather intense experiences, deeply personal stories and incredibly intimate emotions. It’s a friendship that caught me completely off-guard (in the best of all possible ways), and my life is all the more rich for it.
So here I sit.
I should have gone to bed about an hour ago. But I find myself energized and relaxed all at the same time. Curled up in the chair that my parents gave me from my childhood home, gazing out from the muted amber light of my living room to the sparkling cityscape outside (there’s a warm whooshing sound from distant traffic), I have a sense that the distant hum I hear actually is coming from inside of me.
I find myself smiling.


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