The Sopranos, Bruce Springsteen, and equal rights?

November 7, 2007 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


I spent every summer growing up “down the shore” in New Jersey. Ventnor, NJ to be specific.
(For you board game aficionados, that would be the yellow section of the Monopoly board, between Ventnor and Atlantic avenues mere blocks from Marvin Gardens. And for those of you more geographically inclined, exit 2 of the Turnpike.)
So when I awoke to a note this morning from my friend Chris Shipley that pointed me to a site related to my Pinelands stomping grounds, I was amused.

Upon clicking the link, though, I became more than amused. I became proud.
And how often can one say that about Jersey?
Don’t get me wrong. I loved my summers there. Hell, my dad was FROM New Jersey (went to Atlantic City High School, back in the days when people actually grew up and lived in this seaside community). But generally it’s the much maligned state that acts as the punchline of a joke for the Northeastern corridor.
In any event, it pleases me to see that in the wake of The Sopranos leaving the air, and the resurgence of Bruce Springsteen as a great rock idol, that New Jersey is getting its game on!


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