Transparency, Social Media and Where’s Waldo

August 4, 2008 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (2)


I’m not precisely sure at what point it happened, but it would seem that at some juncture I opted to live my life as somewhat of a group activity.
I don’t know that it was particularly planned, orchestrated or otherwise arranged, but with very little exception I share pretty much everything.
Okay so that’s not entirely true … there are some subjects I’ve chosen to avoid altogether. There are others I raise only when utterly integral to a given story. But as a rule, the day-to-day, moment-to-moment experience that is my ever-so-mercurial ride through the world of start-ups, Silicon Valley and … well … life … has become an open book.
Friends who’ve known me a while probably would just say that technology finally caught up to the way that I just … am. Which, put in perspective, is that it’s a pretty rare occasion when you can’t tell what I’m feeling at a given moment.
If I’m happy – it’s clear.
If I’m sad – it’s clear.
And if I’m angry … well, let’s just say most folks don’t particularly like me in the state. Frankly neither do I.
But that’s not the point of this post.
I realized that unlike some of my blogosphere brethren, I don’t have a sidebar on this blog that enumerates the various and sundry ways by which you can find me.
Quel horror.
And so, with a brief interlude at the keyboard, I rectify this trespass with the following selection of social media flavors. (It’s not as though finding me on-line is particularly hard. Hell, just Google me and you’ll see at least a few pages of accurate connections. Strangely if you remove the space between my names you get some other very interesting items. Like this video I’ve only just found … )
But for those not inclined to hunt – and frankly so I have it all in one place – I’ve created this directory of sorts.
Twitter: cathybrooks
Facebook: cathybrooks
FriendFeed: cathybrooks
Seesmic: cathybrooks
LinkedIn: cathybrooks cathybrooks
Yelp: cathybrooks
Flickr: cathybrooks
YouTube: sfloislane
Plurk: cathybrooks
Upcoming: cathybrooks
Whether it’s one or more of these, I hope you’ll connect, communicate with me and – above all – tell me what you think.
UPDATE: People also have asked for a list of all the blogs on which I write (other than here, of course), so here’s a quick directory:
Huffington Post – where I opine on issues facing the LGBT community around social media
Technically Women – where I hammer on issues facing women in technology (along with a bevy of other brainiacs)
Social Media Hour – my weekly Internet-based talk show focused less on technology and more on the way we use it.
Brian Solis – where I talk about all kinds of things, usually communications issues gone awry.
I’ve also written in the past for BitchBuzz, though haven’t done that in about a year.


2 responses to “Transparency, Social Media and Where’s Waldo”

  1. Kate says:

    Cathy – awesome post over on BitchBuzz – very thought provoking and something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.
    Great to read, look forward to seeing you again sometime when we fiesty ladies meet up for more wine & chat.

  2. Sheesh Cathy, would you stop switching user names everywhere? It’s so hard to guess which pseudonym you’ll fancy tomorrow…. 😉
    Interesting point about the open book. I feel social media (and especially Seesmic) has that effect on all of us to a certain extent. I used to be incredibly camera shy and a rather private person. Now I post from my bed in a face mask.
    In any case, I love your writing style. Your life is a great read!