An historic day: Thank you President Obama – I’m proud again

January 20, 2009 in News & Events | Comments (0)


It’s finally here.
The day for which I and millions of my fellow Americans have been waiting for eight long years … a new administration that will hopefully be able to rectify the many monumental errors inflicted both upon this country and the world by the 43rd President of the US (I’m opting to never utter his name again).
Today is the inauguration not only of change, but also of hope and history. Whether or not one voted for Barack Obama, there is no way to deny the palpable energy radiating across our nation today.
And this energy and interest seeps across our borders and around the globe as an entire world watches, hopeful.
When I was in Paris in December for LeWeb, I cannot tell you how many conversations I had with people about the recent election and the incoming President. I cannot tell you the pride I felt, finally, again in my nation.
Today my heart swells in my chest and hot tears of joy well lay as a persistent filter in my eyes, blurring the edges of a glorious sunrise breaking over the San Francisco skyline.
I shared my perspectives with friends at the BBC, who continue to use Seesmic to connect with audiences around the world and engage in conversation.
If you are so inclined, share your thoughts too!


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