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This post originally lived on my MySpace profile. But this morning as I’m happy ensconced in Glen Ellen at my friend Shirin & Lisa Christine’s, sitting in the kitchen, making pancakes, I was reminded of this.
And figured that I would bring it here …
So with that, here’s the deal – I love to cook.
More to the point, I love to bake.
It’s a passion and skill inherited from my father’s mother … my Mommom Frieda.
She was a feisty, salty, sarcastic woman who tried to hide the fact that she smoked by opening all the windows of her apartment before we came over. Some of my fondest memories are of standing in her kitchen, hearing stories of her immigration to the US at the age of 9, and watching her create the most delectable confections … Most of which I’ve carried on.
About two weeks ago a colleague of mine came in with a shopping bag filled with bananas. Apparently his wife had been … well … a bit overeager when she saw that bananas were on sale. And her being from Europe the whole pounds/kilos thing wasn’t clear.
As a result he brought in a bag of them to hand out.
At the moment I was HUGELY hungry so the banana helped. Out of gratitude (and my own love of baking), I snared a pile of bananas and decided to bring him a little treat.
I took the liberty of chronicling the baking … and I share the recipe – including the super secret ingredient.
So check it out … and if you have any questions about the recipe feel free to ask!


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