Gay Marriage – A Monumental Time in California

June 24, 2008 in News & Events | Comments (2)


As a rule I’m quite the optimist. Well, perhaps more of a pragmatic realist, but in the end I’ll always view the glass half full. Even with that I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure that I would see this in my lifetime.
I’m damn glad I was wrong.
On May 15, 2008 the California Supreme Court struck down a previous ruling that had rendered gay marriage against the law. In doing so, the gates were opened for what then took place on June 17, 2008 – the first LEGAL marriages in California.
The superb content crew at Seesmic tackled this topic by sitting down with someone who I describe as being a combination of a cyclone and a warm hug – Kate Kendell – Executive Director of NCLR.
This conversation thread starts with the promo for Rachael Joy’s Newspop episode in which she interviews Kate. While the “live” session with Kate is done, you can still join the conversation. Click on reply – if you don’t have a Seesmic account it will prompt you to register (don’t worry it’s easy). You can join the discussion. I’m going to see what I can do about getting some folks at NCLR and EQCA to join up on Seesmic and perhaps dip into this conversation on occasion to answer questions.
So sit back, take a listen, then lean forward and get involved!


2 responses to “Gay Marriage – A Monumental Time in California”

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