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It isn’t every day that one gets a chance to sit down with one of their heroes. Tomorrow at LeWeb 2008 I get that chance! Conference founder and host Loic Le Meur is graciously sharing the stage with me for this interview and giving me the chance to sit down for an in-depth discussion with Paulo Coelho!
In advance of our stage chat, I had the even greater honor of dining this past Friday night with Paulo. He introduced me to one of the best sushi spots in Paris. I must admit, I was nervous. I mean, here I was about to sit down with someone whose work has been an incredibly powerful influence for me, ever since I first cracked the binding of The Alchemist 17 years ago.
The nerves were a bit of a sensation for me. For starters, I don’t generally get starstruck. And secondly, Paulo and I had spoken before, via Seesmic. But to be sitting down with him, one-on-one, and in person … well, I had butterflies.
The moment he walked into the restaurant, the fluttering in my stomach ceased, as he greeted me with the hug and warm smile of someone I’d known for years.
But I digress … because this isn’t a post about my wonderful evening … this is a post to solicit your help! While no doubt Paulo and I could easily talk for hours, we agreed during our dinner discussion that our stage time would be best served with the involvement of as many people as possible!
Of course we’ll take questions from the people in the room, but I would love to have YOU there too!
So, watch the video below … and if you have a question for Paulo, just record it in the player below! We will be going through the video questions and playing at least some of them on the big screen at LeWeb!
After you start to play the video below you’ll see a red “reply” button appear in the upper right corner. Click on that and you will be prompted to sign in to your Seesmic account or, if you don’t have one, you can easily sign up within this player window.
NOTE: Signing up is SUPER simple and requires merely that you pick a username, a password and enter an email address. You will NOT have to then go to your email to authenticate. Upon filling out the fields on this page, it will immediately activate your camera and the red record button. Click it, and you’re set! You’ll later get an email confirming your account (and hopefully you’ll decide to come play on Seesmic too!).
With that … here’s my video asking for your help … please chime in! And hopefully we’ll then “see” you at LeWeb 2008!
Help me interview Paulo Coelho at #leweb!I have the honor of talking on the stage at LeWeb with one of my literary heroes, Paulo Coelho. Would LOVE your help! If you have questions, reply to this and you may end up on the big screen at the conference!


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