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Before you read any further, please know this.
On the left to right political spectrum I admit fully, wholly and down to the very marrow of my bones to an inclination leaning more to the left than not. But I’m a pragmatist above all. And given a compelling set of facts and convincing argument I’m more than willing to alter my view.
That said, in my opinion, one would have to have lived the last eight years with their head inserted firmly and deeply up their own posterior to not have at least some acceptance of the following:
Our nation has behaved poorly – on a good day – for years. And it’s time to grow up, take some accountability and be responsible … not only for ourselves but for those whose lives upon which we have had, are having and will continue to have such tectonic impact.
Disclaimer (of sorts) aside, I hope you’ll read on…

Several months ago I had the pleasure of crossing paths with a fascinating and inspirational group of people. They call themselves “refugees from Broadcast television news.”
To be honest, I don’t recall if they gave themselves this descriptor or if I created it after our first meeting at their offices over near the old Barbary Coast. But now, having had the pleasure of working with them a bit, I have to say that it fits.
The organization is LinkTV. And the team there is comprised by seasoned veterans whose collective experience ranges from newsroom and programming to management and distribution … and they add to the mix a deep passion for social media, social change and an understanding of technology.
With their network, this group brought together the best of all worlds. They truly approach news and story-telling from as global a perspective as possible. And more so than almost any media organization I’ve experienced (at least in TV), the LinkTV crew truly embraces what they clearly feel is a moral imperative … Television without borders.
Imagine the joy it gives me to be able to say that not only do I respect their work, but that I have a chance to work with them!
In partnership with Seesmic, LinkTV seeks to expand the conversation about truly global issues … literally. Using Seesmic’s video conversation technology, LinkTV expanded its Dear American Voter project — a campaign to engage the world in a truly international discourse about key issues here that have ripple effects around the globe.
The following conversation tackles a topic that makes me alternately angry and sick-to-my-stomach — the impact that the faltering US economy has internationally.
These are strong voices – and they’re voices you won’t hear on every single newscast (sick of sound bites anyone?) … And thanks to the Seesmic platform – you can actually engage and join the discussion.
If you’re already using Seesmic, clicking “reply” will prompt you to login. If you don’t have a Seesmic account, don’t sweat it. The window will prompt you to create one – but it’s only your name, email and a username … you won’t leave this site, and you won’t get spammed.
I promise.
And if video commenting just isn’t your thing, you can leave a text comment below too.
Either way, I hope you’ll get involved!


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