Marriage Equality: What *is* the biggest challenge?

January 3, 2009 in News & Events | Comments (0)


Since the mission of EqualityCamp is about making a people-powered marriage equality movement work, on the eve of our inaugural gathering I thought it fitting to kick off a conversation that we can carry through the day’s proceedings.
I pulled out a broad brushstroke for this first query: What is the biggest challenge facing the marriage equality movement?
To be honest, my personal take on it is simple. And as a far wiser person than I said something far more eloquent than I might proffer, I’ll set it up this way.
On June 16, 1858 Abraham Lincoln launched his campaign for the US Senate at the Republican Convention in Springfield, IL . This became known as the “house divided” speech. It has already been proposed in the video conversation below that perhaps the biggest challenge facing the marriage equality movement doesn’t come from people who reject the very concept of homosexuality (let alone the idea of gay people getting married). What if the biggest challenge actually comes from within our community?
What do *you* think?
Whether you’re coming to EqualityCamp or watching from afar, chime in. If you’d like to do it the old-fashioned way, post a comment below. But I am hoping you will opt to speak out – literally – by responding in video below. If you’ve never used Seesmic before, it’s simple. Just start the player to listen to some of the posts. When you’re ready, click on the red “reply” button in the upper right corner. You’ll get a log-in screen. You’ll be prompted to fill in a few fields – but don’t worry – it’s super simple, and you won’t have to leave the site to go authenticate an email or anything of that sort. Just pick a username, password, enter an email and hit save, then it will immediately launch the recorder! Using it is as simple as clicking the red button to start and then click it again to stop.
So … let your voice be heard!


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