Poetry on Seesmic

May 26, 2008 in News & Events | Comments (0)


Something has shifted.
For months now as Seesmic‘s user base has grown, it’s been a slow creep to find faces in the timeline who I knew from the real world.
Yesterday I logged in to find someone who I’d met in a business meeting days before. In that meeting, we talked about various ways people were using the platform. He specifically asked me about performance art, even more specifically he asked about poetry and spoken word.
And there he was – sharing a very cool poem called “Chinatown.”
Here’s his post:

Watching his post made me think there’s a market for some sort of computer teleprompter into which you can feed text so that you can look directly into your computer camera while you recite something like this. Or maybe some sort of clip or rack that holds the copy just above your monitor.
In any case, I felt compelled to share a poem of my own. Well not something I wrote, but something that I love. It’s a piece by Pablo Neruda entitled “Leaning into the Afternoons”.


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