President Obama’s Speech to HRC: Nice words, time for action

October 20, 2009 in News & Events | Comments (0)


There is no question that our President is an incredible orator and I mean that as a true compliment. I also appreciate that President Obama is only the second sitting President to address a major LGBT organization. Props on that, but enough already. It’s time for action.
To those who would argue that President Obama has had just a few things on his mind that are a bit more pressing – like several wars, a shattered health care system, and the greatest economic disaster in our nation’s history since the depression to name a few – and LGBT equal rights can wait, I say hogwash.
I’m clear that there’s a lot on his plate, but stepping up and addressing some of the utterly unconscionable treatment suffered by a decent sized portion of his constituency seems a no brainer.
A week or so after the HRC address that I included below, Obama spoke at an event in San Francisco. I had the privilege of attending that event. (It was not the $30K/couple dinner at the Fairmont. It was the far more reasonably priced event at the Westin – for which I got a discounted ticket through a friend.)
He spoke for about 25 minutes. He spoke about many topics. The LGBT community was not one of them. And he was in San Francisco. Not good.
This speech brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart, but it also began to ring a bit hollow in my ears.
Talk is cheap, Mr. President. It’s time to show us you mean it.


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