Seesmic leaps the pond: BBC embracing video conversation!

October 28, 2008 in News & Events | Comments (0)


I’m a news junkie. Always have been. And so as an American it’s always been a bit of a rough go. After all, as a rule our media outlets aren’t precisely the most worldly when it comes to providing a balanced and international perspective on events.
I was lucky to grow up in a news junkie household so the BBC was always a bit of a hallowed name. And as I grew older, with the proliferation of cable and online access, I’ve kept a steady stream of “real” content from that organization.
So you can imagine the whoop and holler of excitement when I began talking with them about how Seesmic could potentially be used as part of their social media integration (both to the web and their broadcast content).
And last week, they dove in headfirst!
Here’s their first conversation. They were intending to do a full day of coverage about the global credit crunch and solicited input from the Seesmic community.
BBC Have Your Say – The credit crunch
And today our BBC friends showed up with the best of all possible “thank you” notes – a video that shows the highlight reel of Seesmic videos that they used on air!
BBC Television report with your videos


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