So what is Seesmic, anyway?

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For the last several years I’ve been cruising around Silicon Valley as a hired gun … I mean, consultant. Though the lion’s share of my time between late 2005 and mid 2007 was spent producing conference content and podcasts for Chris Shipley‘s Guidewire Group, I did so as a free agent.
And the truth is that while the independence is nice, at my core I’m really a nesting, hang my hat, join a team and build something kind of gal.
Last spring Loic Le Meur approached me and asked if I would produce the content for the 2007 LeWeb3 conference. After about a nanosecond I said yes, and it was in a conversation soon thereafter that Loic gave me a bit of news.

He was leaving France and moving to the US with his family to launch his fifth company. It was still very early, and the company didn’t even have a name, but Loic said that he had a feeling it might be a fit for me.
The idea of joining up with such a superlative entrepreneur (and stellar human being) and embarking on a Silicon Valley adventure gave me butterflies … the good kind.
So we decided that the project for LeWeb3 would be like a test run to see whether or not we worked well together.
We did. And in October 2007 as we moved into the home stretch with LeWeb3, Loic and I started talking about what a role at his new company, Seesmic, would be like.
Long story short, I returned from LeWeb3 on December 15.
On December 17, I went into the office at Seesmic for my first day.
Many people have asked me: “So what IS Seesmic anyway?”
It’s a logical question … and one that I don’t have to answer … because Loic recently asked the question of the people who are using Seesmic, and their eloquence resonates quite nicely.
Without further ado … Seesmic – in the words of its users.


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