The Truth is Coming – X-Files Film Conversation

July 2, 2008 in News & Events | Comments (3)


Okay. I admit it. I am a huge X-Files fan.
A ridiculously huge X-Files fan.
As in, I own the first five seasons on DVD, a copy of the first movie, along with a rather embarrassing array of merchandising products.
So when we were approached (we being the gang at Seesmic) about working with 20th Century Fox to participate in a very exciting project for the new X-Files movie, I just about fell out of my chair.
The connection came through one of Seesmic’s core community members, Gia Milinovich. She’s a blogger, producer and recently worked on the Indiana Jones 4 press junket – a project which also included Seesmic!

Long story short – I went to LA, met with the superb team at 20th Century Fox, and then we started talking about integrating Seesmic into a chat widget they were already developing. As these things go, it turned out that a better option was to build them a branded, standalone version of our threaded conversation player.
So we did.
The idea is simple. The first post of this thread is a trailer for the film. The rest is all conversation among fans!
In addition to this player being available standalone on their site, there will also be a link to it from the text chat widget that they developed – a widget that’s now embedded on 2,300 sites!
The truth is out there … and now so is the conversation…


3 responses to “The Truth is Coming – X-Files Film Conversation”

  1. Mari says:

    Now that is cool!! 😀

  2. Otir says:

    Apparently the appearance in the Seesmic general timeline created more chaos and unhappy seesmicers than happy X-Files fans. Should it not be the contrary?