Wall Street Chaos Clarified: Strong words from U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio (9th District)

September 23, 2008 in News & Events | Comments (0)


I’m no economist.
I’m no Wall Street guru.
Heck, the last math class I took at Northwestern University was fondly nicknamed – math for trees.
But you’d have to be quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic to not have a clue that our country has skidded rapidly down the slippery slope of financial woes into a painful morass for pretty much anything related to its financial health.
And you know what? I’m scared.
It’s actually less about the financial crisis itself and more about the fact that there don’t seem to be any clear-headed leaders doing anything about it.
But at least now I’ve heard a voice that speaks with reason. My friend Heather Gold posted this clip on her blog and so with a curtsy in Heather’s direction for bringing this clip to my attention, I’ll share with you.


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