What Does it Mean to be a Totally Fabulous Female?

October 18, 2010 in News & Events | Comments (0)


I don’t like to call something over, at least not before the fat lady sings, but at this point it does look somewhat reasonable that on November 3 I’ll be receiving the “Totally Fabulous Female Entrepreneur” award.

The brainchild of LA-based success coach Amy Applebaum, the reason behind this award is to recognize a woman who has shown leadership, inspiration and motivation – needless to say I was flattered when I was asked if I minded being nominated for it. I’m in the company of four other nominees – each of them women who have accomplished much in their respective fields of expertise. Not all of them are from technology, in fact I think I’m probably the most digitally steeped of the bunch, and so it’s particularly interesting to think about how each of us – though from different fields and with very different approaches and backgrounds – are perhaps similar in the way we often reach out and mentor others.

Yes, I’ll say that it’s an honor merely to be nominated, though of course I wouldn’t mind winning either. 🙂

The widget for the poll, which has been dodgy at best during the voting process, is embedded below so if you’ve not already cast a vote, I hope that you will. If you’re in LA and will be in town on November 3, I’d love for you to come along to the event as well, so please make sure and snare a ticket.

Tickets on sale now at http://bit.ly/TotallyFF


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