A Great Deal: Do a favor, get one in return

April 11, 2010 in Other Than That - news, business & other nonsense | Comments (0)


I have this friend who needs a favor …
Don’t you love when people start things like that? Well in this case it’s true, and your doing the favor could score you something pretty cool.
By day, Alison is a therapist and mindfulness coach, but when she and I first met 11 years ago, she was a massage therapist and personal trainer – one of the best around on both fronts. So when she told me that if she can get about a half dozen to a dozen folks to check out her gym this week she stands a good shot of snaring a new flat screen, I suggested that she offer anyone who helps her out a personal training session. She thought about it for a second, and added that she could offer a free massage.
Knowing that quite a few folks I know either are engaged in some level of fitness or exercise regime, I figured that the chance for a private training session or a massage in exchange for showing up at a gym might appeal.
So … if you’re interested, you can contact Alison directly at this email address.
I plan to take her up on it, so perhaps I’ll see you at the gym…


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