Finding Passion in Serendipity or How a Trip to Vegas Changed My Life

December 30, 2012 in Other Than That - news, business & other nonsense | Comments (0)


It was unexpected. That I would come to Vegas at all on my own volition in and of itself was an unusual thing. That I chose to do so in the summer, which is akin to stepping onto the surface of the sun, was downright crazy.

Just crazy enough to be the tectonic jolt I needed to change my life.

The trip that changed my life took place in August 2012. I spent about 10 days in Vegas – exploring the community, meeting an array of amazing people, checking out local events and finally attending the quarterly Zappos All-Hands meeting. In between I did something unusual – at least for me. I didn’t really plan anything. I let, as Tony suggested to me, serendipity be my guide.

It turns out when you release your expectation on an outcome, truly remarkable things can happen.


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