Me and Valerie Plame

December 14, 2006 in Other Than That - news, business & other nonsense | Comments (0)


Okay, so the subject line is a bit out of order since I’m most certainly NOT a covert CIA operative, but I did find it rather funny that my friend Rafe Needleman at first merely identified me as an “undercover spy” at LeWeb3.
It was mid-December and I had the torturous duty of heading to Paris for some work. It was work, but somehow work in Paris didn’t feel so terrible. This was the third annual conference produced by SixApart’s Loic Lemeur, and my job was moderating the Start-Up Corner, a room in which just slightly more than 50 start-ups touted their products – most of them for the first time, and a few of them for the first time in English!
You can read the details of the Start-up Corner here, and for Rafe’s little ditty about one of the companies, here’s the link.


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