Seesmic @ SXSW

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You know, I’ve never really been much of a “live” blogger. The whole idea of sitting in an event or conference typing madly while people are speaking, attempting to glean something meaningful and create thoughtful prose just isn’t how my brain works.
I guess that’s my disclaimer to say – this may not be my most scintillating prose, but should be fun nonetheless…

The session in which I’m sitting now is entitled “Knowing the Audience: Improving Communication Between Artists and Fans”. The panelists – besides the always entertaining Vinvin of Seesmic include Ron Bloom, the CEO of Podshow, Steven Stokols of WooMe and a few others whose names I didn’t catch (and who aren’t in the program).
The sense of the discussion is simple – social media is a powerful weapon in the arsenal for communicating between artists and their fans/audience.
Vinvin just made a point that most of the folks had missed. The internet enables you to go global from the get-go. It’s about not limiting yourself from the perspective of creating the content (collaboration internationally like Deek Deekster is doing with his Rise and Shine project.
Marshall Macluhan would have LOVED this.


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