Slacker? Not really.

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You might notice that I’ve not posted much here in a while. Provided of course you’re someone who stops in with any sort of regularity to partake of this stuff anyway.
Not that I’m making excuses or anything, but I have been busy.
Doing what, you ask?
Read the rest of this entry and find out.

As I’ve written in previous entries on this site, I loosened the shackles of Corporate America back in November of last year. After taking some time to decompress, I found myself eyeing a return to media – something I’d been talking about for ages.
So when two of my friends approached me and asked if I’d be interested in helping jump start a podcasting platform for their analyst firm, I said yes.
After noodling around on some ideas for the first months of 2006, I launched a weekly talk series called I of Innovation. We began our weekly digicast on March 27, and every week since I’ve posted a series of fresh episodes. At the outset it was only two episodes a week and now I’m generating anywhere from five to seven fresh installments.
The gist is simple – since the firm, Guidewire Group, focuses wholly on emerging markets, technologies and companies, I developed a series that focuses on all aspects of the innovation ecosystem. So what you’ll hear when you tune in (which I hope you will) are interviews and stories with a rather colorful cast of characters who are driving the changes that will disrupt (in a good way) our lives as we know them today.
Now that the program is on its feet, or at least off to a strong jogging start, I’m hoping to turn my attention back to these pages for some rumination on all that is not technology – though I’m sure a couple of things will seep between the two.
As with the I of Innovation series, I am hoping that you, kind reader, will be sure to check out the content and by all means let me know what you think.

I’ll hope to hear from you.


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