Coming home: Revitalizing my radio roots

September 1, 2009 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


Just about six months ago I came home.
No, I didn’t move, but I did finally return to doing the very thing that has brought me the most joy … well … ever in my career.
Thanks to the Internet, radio is alive and well and when my friend Chris Heuer mentioned that he wanted to launch a weekly talk radio show that could serve as a platform for himself and some of the creative catalysts he’d collected at Ad Hocnium, I was all ears.
I had to miss the first episode (which turned out to be more of a public conference call) but on week 2 I hopped in, grabbed the reins and it was off to the races! After some discussion, Chris and I agreed that rather than my being a traditional “catalyst” with the Ad Hocnium group I’d focus solely on Executive Producing and Hosting the weekly show.
Over the months the program has evolved quite a bit, and has evolved into my solo program – though Chris pops in whenever he can as do some of the other catalysts. There are plans underway to evolve the program further, which will include a name change and some format evolution, but for now it’s called Social Media Hour.
I know. I know. Limited. But it’s a start!
A full set of the shows can be found on the show blog, but occasionally I’ll be posting episodes directly here.
Starting with today’s show.
The guests were:
Writer and columnist, Paul Carr
Architect and author, Eric Corey Freed
Journalist and vlogger, Jolie O’Dell
Our topics: cross-cultural Journalism, evolving architecture and a social media road trip.
The program is broadcast live every Tuesday from 10am to 11am Pacific time at Blog Talk Radio. We take calls and there’s a live chat room so you can participate that way too.
I hope you’ll come by for a live program some time, but until then, here’s a taste from today:


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