French Maids + Benny Hill = a novel (and lucrative) business

March 12, 2009 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


It was my junior year of high school.
The musical the students would perform that year was a little known piece called “The Boyfriend”.
I got to play a French Maid. Her name was Hortense.
Now I have to say that at the time I certainly didn’t appreciate what that opportunity could have brought. Frankly the young woman I was at the time wasn’t nearly who I am today so I guess that’s not surprising.
But in any case donning that stereotypical costume (no I won’t post a picture here, sorry), and fondling a feather duster definitely … well … let’s say it is a memory that’s been seared as brightly into my mind as the fuschia feathers on that duster I carried.
So when I first heard about French Maid TV, once I navigated my way through the whoosh of my memories, I felt the hackles of my not-so-inner feminist begin to rise.
Then I met Tim Street. He’s the brains behind the operation, and when he and I first met several years back at an OnHollywood gathering, any concerns I had melted away.
When I was asked several months ago to do an interview for the ADM’s “Get the Download” podcast series, I immediately said I’d be happy to – provided I got to interview Tim.
They agreed.
In this podcast, Tim and I begin our casual chat and talk about the background of French Maid TV – and that irksome little “is this insulting to women” topic.
Then we got down to more business-y business and talked further about the specific monetization aspects of online video. That conversation you can hear in the “Get the Download” episode.


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