I’m not bad, I’m just … Oh wait … yes I am …

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Donna Summer sang about them.
Thelma and Louise embodied them.
But Cameron Tuttle turned the idea of Bad Girls into a movement.

She wrote her first pink vinyl-covered Bad Girl’s Guide in the 90s. It’s now close to 8 years later, and what started as a “lark” is now a profitable franchise that includes several more books, an array of branded products, a successful on-line community and even a briefly-lived TV sitcom.
On a rain-soaked, San Francisco day just before Christmas 2005, Cameron and I sat down to chat.
Hear what she had to say about …
Power – personal thoughts and a Hollywood tale.

Writing in her own voice and how she found the Bad Girl within – and grew a franchise in the process
Falling into a career … and the humor that comes with it.
On her role models and why they’re important.
What George Bush can do with a Bad Girl Guide.
Here is a full transcript of the conversation with Cameron:
Cameron Tuttle: I think the word power can be very dangerous actually. I think … except when you’re talking about personal power. And to me personal power is having the freedom to live the kind of life that you really want to live on a daily basis. But it always worries me when people starting talking about power because I don’t think it’s something that … I think if you’re focusing on the power part then you’re missing what


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