People Making Change: Natalie Young

August 14, 2012 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


Ah, serendipity. To be honest, that’s not really a word that I’d ever have expected to be using in conjunction with Las Vegas, but after spending this week here my perspective has shifted. That is largely, if not entirely, due to meeting people precisely like Natalie Young, or perhaps better to say due to the truly serendipitous manner in which our paths crossed. A well-respected and successful chef who was ready to leave Las Vegas after 12 years, her own story is one very much of serendipity. In this interview she talks about how she came to stay in Las Vegas, how she came to be engaged with the Downtown Project and how this experience has changed her.

Natalie Young – The Downtown Project from Cathy Brooks on Vimeo.

UPDATE: In early September 2012 Natalie’s restaurant, eat, quietly opened its doors. Can’t WAIT to get back there and check it out!


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