Ron Hovsepian, President and CEO of Novell: Fully-baked in the Epicenter of Innovation

November 14, 2007 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


Using the word epicenter for a region that sits atop a maze of fault lines always seems a bit funny to me, but there’s no question Silicon Valley is the hub for all things technology. Sure there are other parts of the country where technology thrives – Boston, Austin, Seattle, San Diego – just to name a few. But the truth of the matter is that in spite of myriad efforts to transplant Silicon Valley structure and culture, the heart of the industry remains here.
And even some Bean Towners agree.

In this interview with Boston-based Ron Hovsepian, President and CEO of Novell, we touch on this subject. I took the opportunity to also ask this seasoned veteran what he sees as the biggest changes in both the industry and the entrepreneurs who are bringing innovation to market.
Without ruining the punch line here’s the gist – Ron suggests that what used to be an industry rife with technologists and scientists coming up with a cool product or idea is now an evolved marketplace with well-rounded entrepreneurs who have not only the technological savvy but the business acumen to launch a business.
And he adds that while during the first bubble it wasn’t unusual for half-baked ideas to get boatloads of cash, today’s investors are making sure to take their time and put money into things that are more well thought out. Candidly with all the hoopla surrounding most of the Web 2.0 start-ups – which get lots of play but have either no business model or a questionable one – I don’t know that I fully agree with Ron. But take a listen and decide for yourself.


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