Seesmic goes to the dogs … well Loic Le Meur does anyway

December 7, 2007 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about starting a new gig.
That’s right, in a couple of weeks I’ll be giving up the glamor and glory of independent consultancy and head for a full-time gig with an incredible new start-up headed by superlative entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur.
But this isn’t about him. This is about my dog.

At least it’s about Truman’s appearance on today’s episode of Seesmic – a Day in the Life.
This is the web program that started out as Loic’s daily video journal of building his business. He’s been taking a truly open-source approach, sharing his concerns, questions and ideas with the community at large.
And then, based partly on feedback to his postings, he’s continued building and growing the new business. (Which is, by the way, called Seesmic.)
In any case, Loic headed off for Paris today in advance of LeWeb3 and so his partner, Vinvin was left alone to do the show.
That is, until Truman came along.


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