Silicon Valley’s “I of Innovation” – A new view on the people making new technology and products possible

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In late April I embarked on a fantastic journey – my return to life as a working member of the media community.
Two people whose professional acumen and personal integrity rank above most anyone I know, asked me to join them. Their venture, Guidewire Group, is a global analyst firm focused on emerging markets, technologies, products, and companies playing in that that large arena; and they were looking for someone who could provide analysis of the people who drive innovation, like entrepreneurs and venture/angel investors.
It took just north of a nanosecond for me to agree.

So, in late March I launched a weekly podcast talk series called I of Innovation that focuses on … you guessed it … people who innovate. More specifically it means that every week I distribute a series of episodes featuring interviews with the people who make innovation possible.
As of today, I have produced & posted nearly 100 episodes – with a veritable tsunami of additional content ready to go and about 8 more hours of raw audio in the queue for production over the weekend.
I’ve been a bit prolific.
And what would a good plug be, if I didn’t provide you with a link to where you can find a full index of episodes.

So here it is
– a link to the I of Innovation episode index on Chris Shipley’s Guidewire Connection site.
Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


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