The balance between strength and stridency

December 11, 2008 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


It’s a very fine balance.
And I’m referring to that line between passionately extolling the points of a given topic for which one has a deep engagement, and the shrill, irritating as all get-out tone people can (and often do) take when it comes to issues that lay near and dear to the heart (and to the nerve).
I’m speaking in this case of marriage equality. And lest you think I’m heading off on a rant of some sort, rest easy. In fact, the catalyst for this post was a decidedly non-confrontational appearance by Wanda Sykes on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. With all respect I have to say that my biggest issue in general with my own community (and in this case I mean the LGBT one, and not the Jewish one, or San Francisco one, or …) often lies with the manner in which some of my brothers and sisters choose to force feed people in an attempt to gain acceptance.
I’m not suggesting that there aren’t occasions on which to raise voices, shake fists and even perhaps take a more physical stand to make a point. But as a rule, there is a direct and oftentimes inverse reaction to messages that are delivered to an audience the same way some ducks are turned into fois gras factories.
But I digress … when it comes to marriage equality even my mother – who is staunchly against the simple fact of my being gay – agrees that the concept of one group of people mandating basic civil liberties for another group just isn’t right. In fact, while my own family forbids anyone speak on the subject of my being (gasp) a lesbian I am proud to say that all, save my sister and brother-in-law, are firmly set on the side of true civil rights when it comes to this topic.
It would be nice if there were more people like Wanda Sykes (famous or otherwise) who would grow a pair and step up and do so in as thoughtful and articulate a manner as she.
She has inspired me and I know I, for one, will endeavor to do the same.


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