When the interviewer becomes the interviewed

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I’ve always found it funny when members of the media are interviewed by members of the media. But in today’s everyone-has-a-voice communications landscape, the paradigm shifts a bit.
About three weeks ago I was at a technology industry event (STIRR) and was interviewed by a fellow named Zennnie Abraham. At the time I was standing in the middle of the room showing a demo of Seesmic to a friend.
Zennie took interest and began filming us.

We ended up chatting a bit and exchanging cards.
About a week later I got a Facebook request from Zennie, and in looking at his profile I realized why he’d looked so familiar. We met YEARS ago when he was working with the City of Oakland and I was at TechTV.
Years had passed but interesting for some reason I’d kept his card – even though the contact information was no longer valid.
Fast forward to our reconnection in 2007 and when we linked on Facebook, Zennie sent me a note. He saw by my profile that I was handling the program for this year’s LeWeb3 conference and asked if I would do an interview with him about the event.
So we met at Harry’s Bar on Fillmore Street one crisp, sunny afternoon (today actually) and chatted. Turned out he was interested not only in talking about LeWeb3, but also about how I’d gotten into the industry and my thoughts on the evolution of media.
While I definitely need a haircut, I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with how these came out.
Here’s part one where I talk about my career path (such as it’s been) and what I think of bloggers versus Journalists:

Here’s part two where I expound on my current and very exciting project – the soon to happen LeWeb3:


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