Wikia’s Gil Penchina on the evolution of entrepreneurs and technology surprises

November 16, 2007 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


Although he works in a space the name of which evolved from a phrase in the Hawaiin language meaning “hurry up”, there is nothing rushed about Gil Penchina.
As someone who’s spent the majority of his career in and around technology and start-ups, I’d say that Gil is in a pretty good position to speak on this subject.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Gil several times – including a three part chat for Guidewire Group’s I of Innovation: Inside Innovators profile series.
You can listen to part 1 here.
Here’s the link for part 2.
And of course, here’s part 3.
It merits mentioning that Gil had the dubious honor of being the first AlwaysOn Innovation Summit speaker with whom I spoke for this interview series. I say dubious because as you’ll see by the interview the camera guy was still getting his production legs.
So listen closely … and no making fun of my hair.


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