You Who? YouTube – A chat with Chad Hurley

October 18, 2006 in Personalities & Profiles | Comments (0)


Some folks think it’s a brilliant deal. I think it’s a waste of money. But I suppose if you have as much cash in the bank as Google does at some point you need to spend it. So why not fork over $1.65 billion for YouTube, a company that has no business model, no revenue to speak of and the spector of ugly litigation for copyright infringement not to mention slander/libel down the road.
But who am I to say?
I do have to say that whether or not I agree with the deal, I am happy for YouTube founder Chad Hurley. He’s a sweet kid. Now he’s a very rich, sweet kid. I was lucky enough to catch some time with Chad, back before he was Google-fied.
You can hear my chat with him in my weekly podcast series, I of Innovation.


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