Social Media Hour #36: The show goes freestyle … kind of …

December 15, 2009 in Traveling Geeks | Comments (0)


Back in the Other Than That studios, this week Social Media Hour goes freestyle – mostly because after a crazy week in Paris for LeWeb and trying to catch up on many a loose end, Cathy ran out of planning time. (On that, she’s looking for a part-time producer to support the program, so if you know anyone, please email her!).
This week’s show has an extra dash of uncertainty because when you’re joined by the likes of feisty Ewan Spence – blogger and entrepreneur as well as one of the Traveling Geeks who just returned from Paris; Kevin Marks of BT (with whom there was plenty of frolic in Paris) and Chris Heuer, you never know what will happen.
I do know the topics include: recap of LeWeb (especially BT’s ROCKING Internet, the Social Media Club House and Kevin’s talk), discussion about Ewan’s new toy and holidays.
The Show:
Ah the joys of technology – started out great, then my phone rang, which for some reason killed the Internet connection … so brave a few minutes of dead air (just a few, really, not nearly as bad as the 10 minutes of dead air thanks to Scoble’s kicking the mic cable out last week in Paris!) and enjoy a fun freestyle show!

The Guests:
Ewan Spence

Ewan Spence is a blogger, author and writer based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to his own blog, he has contributed and contributes to BBC News, BBC Magazine (online), The Stage (UK Arts and Entertainment Newspaper), Computing (VNU), iProng Magazine, IT Pro, O


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