Arrows in the Quiver – Additional Services

The variegated nature of my career has led many people to ask: “So Cathy, what do you do?” Generally, I simply respond: “What do you need done?” Thankfully no one has ever asked me  to do brain surgery or fly a plane. In truth, my diverse background – which has focused on helping people tell their stories to a given audience – lies in a wonderfully diverse array of skills that can be sliced and diced a number of ways.

In the past my world revolved around strategic relationships, content curation and the like. While those tools still lay in my toolbox, they have grown decidedly dusty over the course of the last several years as my focus has shifted to canine behavioral study, dog training and running The Hydrant Club … you can find more on that here.

But for those with a bit of curiosity about what used to make me tick (on the professional level at least), here’s the gist:

Strategic relationships
Working with large brands and small companies to establish key connections including:

  • Prioritizing potential target markets and developing comprehensive prospect lists (client and/or partner)
  • Facilitating connections to key targets. In selected cases facilitation extends into hands-on management of business development process. Some ways in which this may be done:
    • Focused participation at well-targeted events
    • Traditional outreach
    • Customized, high-touch events/gatherings
  • Crystalizing messaging for internal use and outward facing supporting materials such as web sites, collateral and presentations

Content curation
Crafting editorially balanced, unique programs for conferences and high-end events. This support can involve:

  • Identifying and booking speakers
  • Working with event production staffs for seamless speaker support
  • Supporting panel moderation and/or emceeing needs

For more information on these and other corporate advisory services, contact