Powerful Images

January 18, 2006 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


As the daughter of an architect I spent many an afternoon as a child wandering around construction sites – always supervised, of course.

The smell of construction – fresh sawdust from woodwork mixed with the damp perfume of freshly poured concrete – brings a strange sense of peace to me. Perhaps it’s the memory of spending that time with my father. Perhaps it’s the sense that newly constructed places offer a fresh slate for people’s experiences. Whatever it might be, I am endlessly fascinated by the creation of spaces, and so when I saw these images I connected immediately.
The title of the series, (re) building, would seem to indicate a reconstruction, the opening and creation of a place. Yet I found myself wondering if perhaps the feeling behind these images was meant to convey a sense of constraint, even incarceration, with the running theme of bars cutting across many of the shots like a jail cell.
What do you think?


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