Many (automated) happy returns

May 8, 2007 in It is what it is - opinion column | Comments (0)


Technology has popped my birthday balloons today.
Here I sit, thousands of miles from home, on the day that marks my entry to this earthly plane, and the only greetings that I’ve received have been those sent automatically from various and sundry automated services.
There’s been one human greeting – from my big brother, who proffered a humorous humming of the traditional birthday tune, tagged with a warm greeting for best wishes on this day.
But the rest of them … all from the land of ones and zeros.

It’s possible that there are some old-fashioned birthday cards jammed into my mailbox back home, and the fact that it’s right now only 7am back in California could possibly be contributing to the lack of felicitations, but besides the fact that I’m here in Spain with several people who are purportedly close friends it feels rather hollow that the only greetings have come either from casual acquaintances who must have plugged my birthday into their contact managers, or sites where I have membership.
Talk about depressing.
Frankly I don’t have an issue with getting older, but doing so and feeling alone, now that truly stinks.


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