Ch-ch-ch-changes …

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I’m not referring to the song title.

I’m not stuttering.

I’m not cold.

The slightly chattering teeth would be the chill of anticipation and, if I’m being honest, just a touch of nerves about a rather monumental decision I’ve made.

At the end of January 2013 I shifted my home base from San Francisco. After 22 years in the glorious City by the Bay, it was time for a change. That this change would come about by a chance conversation and a trip to Las Vegas, well, that was a surprise.

Truthfully my fit in the realm of tech was always a somewhat uneasy one. Placed by luck of timing and a relevant skill set at a crucial time, plugged me onto a career path of media, PR and event production. The path wended its way for 20 or so years and I do not regret a single moment of it (okay maybe there are a few moments that given a chance for revision I would…), as it is precisely the path on which I walked that led me to realizing a dream that on some level I always had.

Working with dogs.

More accurately I’ll be working with dogs and their humans as I embark (pun intended) on a journey to reimagine how dog facilities can serve their clients – two and four footed. Put more simply it’s a doggie daycare and boarding facility that offers training, retail services and wrapped around all of it a private social club and members-only dog park.

Called The Hydrant Club (a social club for urban canines and their humans), my new venture will be breaking lots of old conventions or, dare I say, making them roll over.

Here’s to a new chapter….

The Hydrant Club’s Monumental Namesake


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