June is Bustin’ OUT All Over

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When Rogers & Hammerstein wrote Carousel in 1956 I’m pretty sure that they weren’t referring to June being Pride month; but since it is, it feels appropriate to reference the fact that June is bustin’ OUT.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be penning a series of posts about various and sundry LGBT-related topics. Some of them will be cross-posting from my Huffington Post writing. Some will be more personally inclined (this being my blog I get to do that). Some will be deeper details for this month’s episodes of The Conversation, most all of which I’ll be dedicating to an array of interviews on LGBT subject matter.

If you’ve never listened to my podcast (well, shame on you for starters), the gist of it is simple. It’s a weekly, online talk show in which I explore the bits and bytes that are changing the way people get and share information, interact and the way in which this is fundamentally changing social and professional interactions. Each week I bring in guests ranging from up and comer entrepreneurs to seasoned influencers and everyone in between. Sometimes I forget to book a guest and so just rant for 30 minutes or so. Regardless the focus is less about the what of people’s lives and more about the how and why.

As there’s already a spot on my site that provides a link to the show profile for The Conversation, I’ll be complementing that section with bios and information on guests here.

With that … tomorrow’s show … Tuesday, June 12, 2012. On this episode, I’ll be joined by two young men, brothers, whose accomplishments belie their relatively tender years and whose commitment to spreading the word about equality and stamping out bullying are inspiring, to say the least.

Join us at 10am Pacific time on Tuesday, June 12 by clicking this link.


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