Finding your own voice: The journey to authentic communication

March 16, 2005 in Theory & Opinion | Comments (0)


For some reason that feels like a high falutin’ subject line. But the truth is, it’s fitting.

I’ve spent such a substantial part of my career helping other people find and express their voices, that my own got a bit muddy in the process – a fly in the ointment of personal and professional development to say the least. I’m not creatively frozen or anything, mind you, but the whole idea of actually shaping and sharing what’s on my mind, well, it’s more than a bit daunting.

“But Cathy,” you might say. “You seem to be doing just fine. Just look at the Commentary section of the site.”

Ah yes, but this is the audio section, which by definition requires actually uttering aforementioned thinking orally.

Which is precisely why this section will be last place I’ll add content. I’m feeling pretty good about the basic library now in Commentary. Now I’m tackling Audio, and have already made some headway in the other categories – News & Events and Personalities & Profiles. In those sections my focus is on giving you a chance to hear some amazing thoughts from amazing people. I ask some questions, but for the most part, I let them do the talking.

Not in this section. In Theory & Opinion it’s my turn to do the talking.

For many years people have told me that I should do stand-up. Frankly I don’t think that I have the courage for that work. But I will cop to agreeing with the sentiment that I have the ability to engender more than just a chuckle or two from many a group.

My intention is to bring that skill (and hopefully some laughs) to this section.

Stay tuned …


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